Breathe 1-2-3 Pilot Program

BC Lung Foundation is planning to kick off its new Asthma Education Pilot Workshop 'Breathe 1-2-3' for children with asthma. We are currently looking for children aged 8 to 10 years, with physician-diagnosed asthma, to volunteer and help us pilot test the workshop.

Every child who agrees to participate will receive a backpack containing 'Breathe 1-2-3' materials (including games and the chance for those who participate to win fun prizes!)

Following the workshop, each participant will be asked what they liked and did not like about the workshop. Participant responses will help shape the workshop as it evolves.





'Breathe 1-2-3' Pilot Workshop Format: Two 1.25 hour sessions delivered virtually

Session Dates & Time: TBD

Session Facilitators: Certified asthma educators

Apply to Participate: Click here

Goals: To empower children with asthma to take steps to:

  • Prevent asthma flare-ups

  • Recognize the symptoms of asthma when they first occur and carry out appropriate management steps

  • Discuss and solve problems related to asthma with parents, teachers, medical professionals, teachers, and friends

  • Feel more confident about taking care of their asthma daily

  • Decrease school absenteeism due to asthma

Questions: Email Menn Biagtan, VP Health Programs & Initiatives, at, or call her directly at 778.994.7754.

Page Last Updated: 17/11/2022