Our History

For more than 110 years, BC Lung has been a leader in the fight for healthy lungs and healthy air, whether searching for treatments or cures to prevent or treat lung disease, keeping kids off tobacco and e-cigarettes, or fighting for laws that protect the air we all breathe.


  • In 1904: We were known as the BC Anti-Tuberculosis Society and for much of the 20th century, we played a critical role in funding weapons to prevent, detect and treat TB. 

  • By 1970: Thanks to advances in research, there were far fewer patients and dedicated TB hospitals were no longer necessary. Patients could be treated with new drugs at home or in general hospital.

  • In 1978: We changed our name to the British Columbia Lung Association. TB rates had declined, and other lung diseases, especially those linked to cigarette smoking, were on the rise.We recognized the need to extend our efforts to include the entire scope of respiratory disease. 

  • In November 2021: We became the BC Lung Foundation ('BC Lung') discontinuing our membership agreement with the Canadian Lung Association in order to maximize our investments in much-needed support, education and advocacy programs for lung patients and families here in BC.

  • Among the first to tackle smoking, promote immunization and make the connection between air pollution and lung health, today we continue our efforts to prevent lung disease and promote lung health, addressing new and emerging threats including COVID-19 and Climate Change. 

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Page Last Updated: 14/11/2021