Carter's Project

Last summer in 100 Mile House, 9-year old Carter Vigh sadly passed away due to an asthma attack caused by poor air quality. The nearest air quality monitoring station was 100km; the skies were clear, but the air over 100 Mile was, invisibly, very poor. Local, real-time air quality monitoring would likely have saved his life. 

Carter’s Project is an initiative in honour of Carter Vigh, which funds the free distribution of air quality monitors throughout British Columbia. To donate to provide a life-saving air quality monitor click below.

On May 14, 2024, the BC Lung Foundation will be putting Carter's project into action as they visit 100 Mile House to distribute air quality monitors to local families who want to access real time data on air quality. 

BC Lung Foundation is inviting households to apply to receive an air quality monitor. This is a fully subsidized program, and a total of 100 PurpleAir monitors will be distributed. There will be two types of monitors offered: indoor monitors and outdoor monitors. The majority of monitors will be indoor (where families spend most of their time), and we will also offer a limited number of outdoor monitors. Participating households will be providing life-saving information to their community as 100 Mile residents will be able to access-real time air quality readings from the data provided by the outdoor monitors throughout town. 

If you live in 100 Mile House and are interested in receiving a monitor, click below to apply.

Join us to learn more about air quality monitoring and keeping your family safe! 

BC Lung will be at 100 Mile Town Hall, May 14, where we will be distributing the 100 monitors to the households receiving them. We will also be providing demonstrations for the monitors and how to use them, as well as a workshop on how to make DIY air filters. Let's keep our community and families safe this wildfire season! 

To donate to provide a life-saving air quality monitor, click here

Page Last Updated: 26/03/2024