Asthma Support (Childhood)

Our Breathe 1-2-3 Asthma Education Camp for kids is taking applications for the July 8-11, 2024 summer session. Click here to learn more

1 in 10 kids in British Columbia have asthma, making it the most common chronic disease among children. However, with the right prevention and management, children with asthma can live happy, healthy, active lives.

Download the infographic card here

More childhood asthma resources

Watch our Childhood Asthma Video Guide for Parents & Caregivers.

Download information on What You Should Know About Asthma in EnglishChinese, and Punjabi 

Download Asthma Action Plans for Children (ages 1-5 and 6-18). Action plans help patients take control of their asthma, know when to adjust their medications and decide when to seek urgent care. Well-controlled asthma can reduce hospitalizations, emergency visits, urgent physician visits and missed school days.

Find here a comprehensive list of BC Pediatric Asthma Clinics. 

Watch our World Asthma Day Talk 2021 Webinar Recording. (BC asthma experts addressed the latest findings on diagnosis and treatment for children/adults)




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