2022 Meeting Archives


The George Comstock Lecture

Re-thinking Latent TB

Dr. Marcel Behr

Stop TB

The Impact of COVID-19 on TB Globally and Getting Back on Track Towards TB Elimination

Dr. Dennis Falzon

Invest to Save Lives. End TB

Dr. Lucica Ditiu

Computer-Aided Diagnosis of TB

Dr. Peter MacPherson

Nursing-Sponsored Session

Decolonizing TB: Holistic Approaches with Indigenous Communities

Ms. Francine Gascoyne

Supporting Resilience through Trauma-Informed Approaches: Lessons for TB Prevention & Care

Dr. Alex Molnar

Improving Patient Outcomes: Partnering with Harm Reduction Services

Ms. Sara Young

MARCH 4, 2022

TB Transmission Science and Isolation Policy

Hospitalization and Diagnosis of TB:  An Opportunity to Prevent Transmission

Dr. Jennifer Flood

Respiratory Pathogen Transmission: Lessons from the Slow Pandemic

Dr. Caroline Williams

TB Infectiousness and the Impact of Treatment (Implications for De-isolation Policy)

Dr. Ryan Cooper

Beyond TB Lecture

Public Health, Leadership, and How to Live in 2022: Beyond TB and Beyond Montaigne

Dr. Anne Schuchat

TB and Indigenous Peoples

Ethical Engagement, Indigenous Research Methodologies and Implications for TB Research

Dr. Billie-Jo Hardy and Ms. Tina Campbell

Treating Tuberculosis in Indian Country

Dr. Jonathan Iralu

Mass Screening for Tuberculosis Infection and Active Tuberculosis in Children < 16
years old in Nunavut, Canada

Dr. Rachel Dwilow

Colonialisms Past and Present: Key Lessons from TB Control among Marshall Islanders
(1885 – today)

Dr. Caleb Klipowicz

MARCH 5, 2022

Implementing Short Regimens for TB

Study 31/A5349 Results Update

Dr. Susan Dorman

Update on Pretomanid, in Combination with Bedaquiline and Linezolid (the BPaL Regimen)
in Drug-Resistant TB

Dr. Salah Foraida

BPaL: U.S. Program Implementation Experience

Dr. Masa Narita

Study 31: 4 Month Treatment with Rifapentine and Moxifloxacin for Tuberculosis

Dr. Janice Louie


Dr. Ilaria Motta

Rifapentine access in Canada

Dr. Gonzalo Alvarez

The Immune System and TB

How Immune Response to TB is Guiding Vaccine Development

Dr. David Lewinsohn

IRIS in People with HIV and TB: Beyond What Meets the Eye

Dr. Irini Sereti

Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS) in non-HIV Immunosuppressed Patients with Tuberculosis

Dr. Barbara Seaworth

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