No Smoking Signage

In most jurisdictions across Canada, including British Columbia, smoking is banned in all indoor public places and workplaces, including restaurants and bars. 

Provincial signage requirements: BC's Tobacco and Vapour Control Act regulates the use, sale and display (and related signage requirements) for tobacco and vaping products in the province. 

Municipal signage requirements: In many cases, municipal governments have enacted their own tobacco bylaws which govern related signage requirements within their jurisdiction. In other words, your local government can, and many have, chosen to exceed and extend BC smoke-free space regulations within their geographic limits, and thus legal signage requirements differ. 

Please be sure, if looking to post official signage, to check what specific rules apply in your city, town or district (jurisdiction). 

NOTE: We are working with BC health authority and municipal representatives currently to update all our signage resources, and provide easy-to-access information on what signage requirements exist where you live. 

General Signage:

No Smoking Sign

Smoke Free Environment

Scent Free Area

Scent Free Building


Regional Signage:




New West

Port Moody




If you need regional signage not shown here, please email and we can assist you. 


School Signage:

Our Grounds Are Smoke Free 

Our Grounds Are Smoke Free - Customizable

(Instructions to customize here)

Page Last Updated: 05/12/2023