15th Annual Air Quality and Health Workshop

This year’s theme “The Future of Air Quality Management for Improved Public Health” focused on current and emerging issues in air quality management, including climate change, a changing public health burden and advances in atmospheric science. The workshop featured case studies on air quality management for both small and large cities locally and internationally.

We sat down with our Air Quality and Health Workshop presenters to learn a bit more about their topics. Watch the interviews here.

Air Quality Management – From Then to Now 
Dr. Dan Costa, US Environmental Protection Agency

Air Quality in Changing Climate
Dr. Allen Robinson, Carnegie Mellon University

Changing Public Health Burden
Dr. Rick Burnett, Health Canada

New Atmospheric Science
Dr. Jeff Brook, Environment Canada and Climate Chang

Air Quality Management in Prince George
Ms. Kim Menounos, Fraser Basin Council

Air Quality Management in Metro Vancouver
Mr. Roger Quan, Metro Vancouver

Air Quality Management in San Francisco Bay Area
Mr. Henry Hilken, Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Air Quality Management in Canterbury
Ms. Katherine Trought, Environment Canterbury

The Last Gasp: “Public Health” in the Fight for Clean Air
Dr. Paul Hasselback, Island Health Authority

Air Quality and Health Workshop 2018: Summary
Glen Okrainetz, Director, Clean Air, BC Ministry of Environment

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