Radon Detector Library Lending Program

The Radon Detector Library lending program is provided through support from Health Canada, the BC Lung Foundation, Simon Fraser University, and Airthings.

What is the Radon Detector Library lending program? 

A program to allow people concerned about radon in their homes to borrow a radon testing kit from their local library, free of charge.

What kind of radon monitor is being loaned by libraries?

Participating libraries are lending "Corentium Home" radon detectors made by Airthings. They are about the size of a cellphone, and have a digital display which produces readings.

How long can I borrow a test kit?

Each unit will be loaned for 4 weeks.

Who can access the Radon Detector Library lending program? 

The current phase of this program involves libraries in the North Shore/Sunshine Coast/Sea-to-Sky Region, the Kootenay Region, the Okanagan Region, the Thompson-Nicola Region, and Coquitlam. 

Which libraries are participating?

North Shore and Sunshine Coast Libraries

Kootenay Region Libraries

Okanagan Region Libraries

Thompson-Nicola Region Libraries

Coquitlam Public Library

Questions? Contact Maureen Sioson at radonaware@bclung.ca


This program is supported by Health Canada. 


Page Last Updated: 01/05/2024