Radon Mapping Working Group

Radon potential maps are an important tool to help people understand the prevalence of elevated radon at the regional, municipal, and neighbourhood level.  They are an important component of society’s response to the challenge of radon and a key component of radon mitigation strategies 

BC Lung has worked to convene the Canadian Radon Database and Mapping Working Group—“Mapping Working Group” for short. We are working with radon database and mapping agencies and interested stakeholders across the country. 

The Mapping Working Group aims to:  

  • Meet regularly  

  • Share information on current practices and programs 

  • Facilitate discussion, joint problem solving, cooperation, and knowledge creation among members regarding radon mapping 

  • Develop best practices for radon measurements, databases, and maps 

  • Collaborate on standards for consistency within mapping  

  • Facilitate radon data sharing between organizations including for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations, and  

  • Work towards creating improved and suitably granular national radon maps

Read our Terms of Reference.

Read our report "Sharing Radon Data: Meeting Privacy Concerns" detailing how to share radon data and why privacy law shouldn't get in the way. 

Questions? Contact Dr. Noah Quastel at nquastel@bclung.ca 

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Page Last Updated: 22/04/2022