Wood smoke and lung health

BC Lung Foundation is pleased to announce some important changes on our Wood Stove Exchange Program

  • We have a new name: The program is now called the "Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program”
  • Bigger incentives provided if you exchange from wood stoves to heat pumps
  • We have developed new educational materials that can be used by the public as well our coordinators.

Click below to access the new educational materials:

Wood smoke and your Health


Watch the webinar recording: Wood Smoke and Your Health

Tackling residential wood smoke pollution and public health

A major concern in many BC communities, residential wood smoke is a major source of air pollution in BC, particularly of fine particulate matter (PM2.5). This webinar recording addresses the science of wood smoke, the risks it poses to health, and what BC is doing to reduce public exposure. 

Watch the webinar recording: Clearing the Smoke

Expert presenters featured in the webinar recording include:

  • Dr. Mike Brauer, Professor, School of Population & Public Health, UBC
  • Mark Kellerhaus, Sr. Air Quality Science Officer, BC Ministry of Env. & Climate Change Strategy
  • Dr. Julie Saxton, Air Quality Planner, Air Quality and Climate Change, Metro Vancouver
  • Moderator: Dr. Chris Carlsten, Head of Respiratory Medicine, UBC

Trusted information sources

Should you be looking for trusted information about wood burning and its impact on health, we suggest the following sources.

Questions? Contact Dr. Menn Biagtan, VP, Health Programs & Initiatives at biagtan@bclung.ca or Dr. Noah Quastel, Director, Law/Policy, Health Indoor Environments at nquastel@bclung.ca or 778-709-4496

Page Last Updated: 04/04/2023