Buy a Home Radon Test Kit



Long-term radon testing: If this is your first time testing for radon, we recommended that you conduct a long-term test. This test provides the most accurate picture of average radon levels and should be used to determine if mitigation is required. It is also the least expensive option. The device is called Radtrak3 Alpha Track Detector on the webstore. Click here to purchase a radon test kit

Short-term radon testing: A short-term test can be very helpful for those eager to find out if a potential radon problem exists. Possible situations include real estate transactions, building inspections, health facilities, commercial workspaces, after new home construction, and for homeowners living in regions where radon levels are known to be elevated. We recommend that a short-term test always be followed-up with a long-term test.


Page Last Updated: 23/11/2023