Health Risks with Oil and Gas Activity

This webinar was presented on September 14, 2015

BC’s Ministry of Health commissioned an assessment of the potential health risks associated with oil and gas activity across northeastern BC. The project had multiple phases, including the development of: a direction document; full literature review of the epidemiology of oil and gas development and health impacts across the globe; screening level risk assessment (SLRA) to determine the methods and extent of the detailed HHRA; the detailed HHRA itself; a critical review of the regulatory framework with respect to the oil and gas industry in BC; and, a recommendations report. Based on the findings of the HHRA and the review of the regulatory framework, Intrinsik put 14 recommendations to the Province regarding the suitability of existing legislation in BC and the need for a number of changes to ensure adequate protection of public health. The approach and key findings of the HHRA will be discussed in the presentation, in addition to the final recommendations that evolved from the study.

Learning Objectives

  • To describe the approach and findings of the Human Health Risk Assessment

  • To present the final recommendations submitted to the Province


Bart Koppe
Senior Environmental Health Scientist
Environmental Health Scientist, VP Western Region
Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Inc. HHRA Project Manager


For the past 18 years, Mr. Koppe has served as the technical lead on many of Intrinsik’s large air quality related health risk assessments in western Canada. As part of this work, Mr. Koppe continues to be involved in all aspects of health risk assessments, including: toxicity and exposure assessments, uncertainty analysis, risk characterization and risk management. Mr. Koppe was the Project Manager of the BC Ministry of Health Phase 2 Human Health Risk Assessment of Oil and Gas Activity in Northeastern BC.

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