New Westminster

New Westminster Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

This program is currently running virtually via Zoom. 

Program contact

Name: Dalia Kuna RN, Angela Buehrle
Phone: 604-523-8800

Program location

230 Ross Drive Unit B
New Westminster, B.C.V3L 0B2

Program details:

The team consists of 2 Registered Nurses and 1 Physiotherapist. The clinic is open Monday-Thursday.

The Monday/Wednesday Pulmonary Rehab Program runs from 10am-12.30pm and consists of 1 hour 15 minutes of exercise and 1.5 hours of education based on the Living with Lung Disease manual.

Activation exercises are 10am-11.15am once per week (exercise only). Self Management Classes are two 2 hour classes (education only).

The virtual platform being used currently is Zoom and runs two days per week. Guided exercise class are performed by physio and independent education (patients are being directed to use the “Living Well With COPD” modules), with virtual group discussions after Wednesday's exercise class to review educational component.

Supported languages


Application process  

Physician referral required. Call for testing appointment following receipt of referral. Recent PFT, Xray.



  • COPD 
  • Restrictive Lung disease

Program offerings

  • 8 week Pulmonary Rehab Program. 
  • 6 week Activation Exercise program. 
  • 2 day Self Management Program.
  • Smoking Cessation. 
  • 1:1 consultation and follow up appointments.
  • Program assessment appointments. 
  • Dr (Respirologist) Clinic day 2 times per month on a Thursday for new patients and patient follow ups.

Types of patients accepted

Confirmed COPD diagnosis


Download the iConnect Respiratory Rehabilitation Patient Brochure (

Page Last Updated: 31/03/2021