Annual TB Conference: The Union - NAR

The Union-North America Region (NAR) is the regional arm of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), a global public health organization with the vision to provide health solutions to the poor.  BC Lung is an organizational member of The Union and acts as the Secretariat, organizing and hosting The Union-NAR's  annual conference in consultation with the Executive Committee.  


The Knowledge Management Loop: From Hard-Core Research to the 2-minute Elevator Pitch (Lena Faust, Petra Heitkamp, Kate O'Brien)

A New Tool You Can Use to Enhance Your Literacy (Ms. Jennifer Woolley)

How to Have a Powerful Meeting with Decision Makers (Ms. Leigh Raithby, Dr. Elizabeth Rea)


Introduction to Implementation Science and Why It Is Relevant to TB (Dr. Christopher Hoffmann)

Implementation Science to Improve TB Prevention among Immigrant Communities in California (Dr. Amy Tang, Dr. Priya Shete)

Implementation Science and TB Preventative Therapy (TPT) (Dr. Patrick Sullivan)

Panel Discussion: Bringing Implementation Science to Public Health Programs

Dr. Laura Vonnahme


The Spectrum of TB in Pregnancy - Increasing Awareness in Hope of Better Outcomes (Dr. Barbara Seaworth)

STOP TB SESSION: Implementation in a Post-Pandemic World:

The Updated Global Plan to End TB (Dr. Paula Fujiwara)

Pakistan's Experience with Building an Enhanced Digital TB Surveillance System (Dr. Syed Karam Shah)

Using Public-Private Partnerships to Help End TB (Ms. Petra Heitkamp)

Oral Abstract Presentation #1: Uniting Innovation with Implementation: An Evidence Synthesis of Implementation Strategies to Increase the Uptake and Impact of Molecular WHO-Recommended Rapid TB Dagnostic Tests (Dr. Abarna Pearl)

Industry Sponsored Satellite Symposium (QIAGEN)

Nursing and Allied Health Sponsored Session: Community Engagement to Build Trust & Transform Health Systems:

Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis in Indigenous Communities: Highlights from the 8th Edition of the Canadian Tuberculosis Standards (Mr. Jonathan Dunn)

Award Ceremony:

Dr. Charles Peloquin

Dr. Max Salfinger

Challenging Cases Pt. 1:

Case #1 (Dr. James Gaensbauer)

Case #2 (Dr. Imelda Villarosa)

Case #3 (Dr. William Connors)

TB and Pregnancy Session:

Case Presentation (Dr. Rachel Dwilow)

TB Infection in Pregnancy: Novel Insights into Immunology and Prevention (Dr. Jyoti Mathad)

Best Practices for the Care of Pregnant and Peripartum People with DR-TB (Dr. Jennifer Furin)

The Beyond TB Lecture: Novel Strategies for Wastewater Surveillance (Dr. Amy Kirby)

TB Science: What's Hot?

Making Cough Count in Tuberculosis (Dr. Simon Grandjean Lapierre)

Innovations in Non-Sputum-Based TB Diagnostics in Adults and Children (Dr. Tania Thomas)

Epidemiology of TB Transmission in the United States (Dr. Sourya Shrestha)

Oral Abstract Presentation #3: Incorporations of Clinical Factors to Improve the Diagnostic Accuracy of Artificial Intelligence-Based Chest X-Ray Analysis for Detecting Pulmonary Tuberculosis (Ms. Coralie Geric)

Challenging Cases Pt. 2:

Case #1 (Dr. Tine Vindenes)

Case #2 (Dr. Savio Nguyen)

Case #3 (Ms. Sarah Silverberg)

Subclinical TB: Challenges in Diagnosis, Treatment, and Transmission:

Overview: Subclinical TB and Its Global Burden (Dr. Emily Kendall)

The Role of Subclinical TB in Transmission (Dr. Barun Mathema)

Will Subclinical TB Hinder TB Elimination in North America? (Dr. Jonathon Campbell)

Oral Abstract Presentation #4: A Comparison of the Chest Radiographic and Computed Tomographic Features of Subclinical Pulmonary Tuberculosis (Dr. Angela Lau)

General Assembly (Dr. Kevin Schwartzman)

Clinical Trials Update:

TRUNCATE (2m DS-TB) (Dr. Nick Paton)

SUDOCU - A Phase 2b Trial of Sutezolid, Bedaquiline, Delamanid and Moxifloxacin for TB (Dr. Norbert Heinrich)

TB PRACTECAL: Final Clinical Trials Results (Dr. Bern-Thomas Nyang'wa)

STREAM Stage 2: Week 76 Results (Dr. ID Rusen)

Oral Abstract Presentation #5: A Randomized Controlled Trial to Identify the Optimal Dose of Levofloxacin for the Treatment of Rifampicin-Resistant TB (Dr. Patrick Phillips)

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A Message from Dr. Jonathan Golub, 2022 Program Chair/Vice President, The Union-NAR

We hope you will join us in Vancouver for the END TB: 27th Annual Conference of The Union - North America Region! Our multidisciplinary planning committee has assembled an engaging lineup of speakers that will cover timely topics in TB prevention and care, including the updated Global Plan to End TB, TB and pregnancy, subclinical TB, community engagement, recent therapeutic trials, and novel diagnostics. We are also thrilled to have Dr. Barbara Seaworth and Dr. Amy Kirby as our keynote speakers for the George Comstock Lecture and the Beyond TB Lectures respectively. This year we have expanded our programming on challenging clinical TB cases chaired by our multidisciplinary expert panel. We also hope you will join us early for our free pre-conference postgraduate workshops on research literacy and advocacy for clinicians, researchers and survivors, and an introduction to implementation science. We look forward to welcoming you in Vancouver, along with a diverse group of TB advocates, survivors, scientists, clinicians, and program managers, to network and discuss the latest in TB.

2023 Lifetime Achievement Awards

Congratulations to our Lifetime Achievement Awardees: Dr. Max Salfinger and Dr. Charles Peloquin

2023 Early Career Investigator Award

Congratulations to our Early Career Investigator Awardee: Dr. Simon Grandjean Lapierre


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This charter governs the North America Region (NAR) established by the General Assembly of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union).

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