Simple techniques to relieve stress

Check in with your body more often for feelings of tension, especially in the muscles of your shoulders, face, back or hands. Also check if your mind is racing or your heart is beating quickly.

Here are some simple teqhniques to reverse these feelings or sensations related to stress:

Do: Move and stretch all parts of the body. 

Why: Movement improves circulation and helps to remove tension.

Do: Realign body into correct posture. Take special note of the back, shoulder and lower jaw.

Why: During stress, the head and lower jaw are often held forward, the waist and the shoulders raised up toward the ears.

Do: Start slow, deep breathing and think about letting your muscles go when breathing out – breath the tension out.

Why: Stress often causes breathing to be shallow and deep breathing seems to have a relaxing effect.

Do: Visualize a pleasant scene where you are comfortable and relaxed. Continue slow, regular breathing.

Why: Focusing on one pleasant thought or scene will help calm your mind and stop the continual flow of rapid, demanding thoughts.

Page Last Updated: 30/01/2021