Radon and the BC Building Code

BC Lung has long been interested in ensuring that the BC Building Code (Code) is working to protect people from radon. 

In 2013, our RadonAware program assessed radon provisions at the time. This led to changes which are now in the current Code.

Radon and the BC Building Code: Assessing Implementation

Through 2020 and 2021 we worked in BC's Southern Interior to evaluate the current provisions in the BC Building Code. We visited 89 homes and spoke with inspectors, builders and radon mitigators about current problems with the radon provisions in the Code. We found serious problems and are recommending major changes to the BC Building Code and building practices to ensure new homes protect people from elevated radon. Please read our report here.  

Radon rights and duties research

We have also prepared legal opinions on radon rights and duties for people involved in New Construction. This includes a detailed legal opinion entitled RADON: Rights and Liabilities in Construction Law.

We have also prepared specific short summaries as well as in depth legal opinions for the public which can be found via the links below: 

Questions? contact Noah Quastel at nquastel@bclung.ca or 778-709-4496. 

This work was generously supported by the Real Estate Foundation of BC, the Law Foundation of BC and the Vancouver Foundation. 


Page Last Updated: 29/11/2022