Tips to reduce stress

Below find some helpful ways to reduce the stress in your life.  

  • Prepare for morning the night before.

  • Never wear ill-fitting clothes.

  • Set appointments ahead.

  • Don’t rely on your memory. Write things down.

  • Practice preventative maintenance on your vehicle and appliances.

  • Make duplicates of all keys. Exchange with a neighbour or family.

  • Avoid rush hour/crowds if you need to go out.

  • Say ‘no’ more often.

  • Take advantage of off-hours for banking and shopping.

  • Shop by mail or by phone when possible.

  • Rearrange meal times around your schedule.

  • Keep an emergency supply of necessities.

  • Walk everywhere you can.

  • Make copies of all important papers and keep the originals in a safe place.

  • Anticipate your needs i.e. always stop for gas before you really need it.

  • Fix things that don’t work properly.

  • Allow extra time for travel.

Still looking for ideas? Click the following link for additional techniques to help reduce feeling and sensations related to stress.



Page Last Updated: 28/01/2021