Langley Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

The program is currently on hiatus until September 2021. 

Program contacts

Email: (email to be activity by end June 2021)

Alison Bowman, Physiotherapist |Adam Little, Respiratory Therapist 

Program location

22051 Fraser Highway
Langley B.C. V3A 4H4

Program details

Education sessions only right now. Six one-hour sessions on both Wednesday and Friday ran by a team of a Physiotherapist and a Respiratory Therapist. Topics include understanding lung disease, breath control, respiratory medication, preventing lung irritation, benefits of exercise and a balanced diet, energy conservation, coping with stress, airway clearance, action plans and community resources. 

Supported languages


Application process  

Doctor referral, health care professional.


  • COPD 
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis 
  • Bronchiectasis

Additional program offerings

  • Follow up phone calls 
  • 1:1 Zoom meetings for inhaler technique
  • Resources can be mailed
  • Exercise videos
  • Living Well with COPD website
  • Other individual concerns if needed


As soon as possible will have smaller class sizes to ensure physical distancing during exercise class and then larger group for education component (ie exercise pre and post education session to ensure able to maintain physical distancing for as long as these guidelines remain in place).


Page Last Updated: 11/06/2021