Carter Vigh, nine years old, died July 11, from a severe asthma attack due to wildfire smoke inhalation.

CBC Radio airs What On Earth nationally: yesterday, Foundation President & CEO Chris Lam sat with host Michelle Eliot. Also on the show, Dr. Emily Brigham, assistant professor in the respiratory division at UBC; practicing respirologist at VGH. Together, they listened to the story of a lung health tragedy: a young boy with asthma, from 100 Mile House, died a week ago due to wildfire smoke inhalation – despite his asthma-aware parents doing everything right. Lam and Dr. Young discussed the ever-increasing frequency and severity of wildfire smoke, policy change for increased smoke monitoring throughout BC, and ways to mitigate the effect of smoke when it occurs.

Listen to the Podcast here

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Page Last Updated: 24/07/2023