Commerical buildings

Owners,operators and managers of commercial buildings need to address radon as part of general requirements for health and safety. 

As popular understanding of radon grows, it is likely that commercial building owners, operators and managers will face pressure to address radon.

They can take steps now to minimize risk—by having buildings tested, posting test results for people who work in and regularly visit the building, and if levels are at or over 200 Bq/mhiring C-NRPP certified professional mitigators to address the situation.

Commercial building owners and operators have a duty of care to ensure that their buildings are built safely and do not lead occupants to develop debilating diseases like lung cancer.  The Occupiers Liability Act specifies this for people who have responsibility for and control over premises.

Commercial buildings will also typically be workplaces and comply with the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR). The OHSR has clear rules on ionizing radiation (s. 7.19-24) and also puts on employers a ‘general duty’ to ensure workplaces are safe (s. 2.2).

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Page Last Updated: 13/05/2021