Summary and Recommendations

In 2019 we conducted research on how radon could be addressed in real estate transactions, analyzing existing BC law, and taking cues from existing policy and legislation in European countries, American states, and other Canadian provinces. We have prepared summaries and recommendations.

For BC Real Estate Licensees/Realtors: We developed these recommendations for real estate licensees, including our interpretation of their professional duties around radon. An appendix includes relevant sources.

For Policymakers: The Real Estate Council of British Columbia and the British Columbia Real Estate Association have made some significant steps on radon. We still would like to see follow up studies and think there is more the provincial government could be doing. We provide a summary for policymakers that outlines the analysis of the situation and further steps to be taken. 

We have also prepared a short summary of our project. To learn more, click here

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Page Last Updated: 02/11/2021